WIKING RUF Europäische Freiwilligen in der Waffen-SS

.:: Wiking Ruf - Europäische Freiwilligen in der Waffen-SS ::.


Glossary of German Military & Political Terms

abgeordnet temporarily transferred to a position at another place. abg.
Abschnitt Sector; district.
In the SS: Regional division of Germany and its headquarters;
In the SD: Subordinate Regional HQ and its area
Abs.; Abschn.
Abteilung Unit, battery, battalion, department A.; Abt.
Abwehr Wehrmacht Intelligence service Abw.
Abwehrpolizei Counter-espionage police. A function of the Grenzpolizei under the jurisdiction of the Gestapo.
Abzeichen Badge of rank, appointment, or distinction. Abz.
Adjutantur i. Staff department dealing with routing personnel and administrative matters; ii. The earlier title of the Persönlicher Stab RfSS
Ahnenerbe Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft Society for Research into and Teaching of Ancestral Heritage. Administered by Pers.Stab RfSS, this office promoted research of family and national hereditary history and dissemination of racial theories.
Allgemeines Heeresamt General Army Directorate A.H.A.
Allgemeine Heeresmitteilungen General army orders A.H.M.
Allgemeine-SS The general body of the SS, composed of part-time, full-time, and honorary members. Allg. SS
Allgemeines Wehrmachtsamt General Armed Forces Office in OKW, conerned with matters of personnel, training, equipment, etc.
Amt A main office, branch, or directorate of a Ministry, or an independent Ministry such as the Auswartiges Amt
Amtsgruppe A subordinate branch of a Hauptamt.
Anhaltelager Temporary detention camp.
Anordnung Order, instruction, or regulation
Anwärter Cadet or candidate Anw.
Abeitsdienstführer Overseer of labor performance in a concentration camp; responsible to the Arbeitseinsatzführer.
Arbeitseinsatzführer Supervisor of labor in a concentration camp.
Arbeitserziehungslager Labor education camp for released prisoners requiring special training to readjust them for industry.
Armee-Bekleidungs-Amt Army clothing depot A.Bekl.Amt
Armee-Briefstelle Army postal station A.Briefstelle
Armee-Feldlazarett Army field hospital A.Feldlaz.
Armeekorps Infantry corps A.K.
Armee-Kartenstelle Army map depot A.Kartenstelle
Armee-Kraftfahr-Park Army motor transport park A.K.P.
Armee-Nachrichten-Park Army signals equipment park A,N.Pk.
Armee-Nachrichten-Regiment Army signals regiment A.N.R.
Armee-Oberkommando Army (H.Q.) A.O.K.
Armee-Pferde-Lazarett Army veterinary hospital A.Pf.Laz.
Armee-Sanitäts-Abteilung Army medical unit A.San.Abt.
Armee-Sanitäts-Park Army medical stores park A.San.Pk.
Artillerie-Ersatz-Regiment Artillery depot/replacement regiment A.E.R.
Artillerie-Führer Commanding officer divisional artillery regiment Arfü
Artillerie-Kommandeur Artillery commander from G.H.Q. pool Arko
Artillerie-Lehr-Regiment Artillery demonstration regiment Art.Lehr-Rgt
Artillerie-Park Artillery equipment park Art.Pk.
Artillerie-Regiment Artillery regiment A.R.; Art.Rgt.
Astronomischer-Mess-Zug Astronomical survey section Astr.Mess-Zug
Aufklärung lit. enlightenment; military: Reconnaissance Aufkl.
Aufklärungs-Abteilung Reconnaissance unit A.A.; Aufkl.Abt.
Aufklärungs- und Kavallerie-Abteilung Reconnaissance and cavalry demonstration unit Aufkl.u.Kav.Abt.
Ausbildung Training Ausb.
Ausbildungs-Bataillon Training battalion Ausb.Btl.
Ausbildungs-Division Training division Ausb.Div.
Ausland/Abwehr Amt (previously an Amtsgruppe) of OKW responsible for Espionage, Counterespionage, Sabotage, and Foreign Information. Headed by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris until his arrest for anti-Nazi activities in 1944, whereupon it was absorbed by the RSHA. Ausl./Abw.
Auslands-Organisation The NSDAP agency concerned with care and supervision of Germans in foreign countries. Ranked as the 43rd Gau of the NSDAP under Gauleiter and Foreign Office Staatssekretär Ernst-Wilhelm Bohle. AO
Aussendienststelle or Aussenstelle Outstation or outpost of the Sipo and SD Aust.
ausser Dienst retired; on inactive list a.D.
Auswärtiges Amt Foreign Office; The Reich Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Bäckerie-Kompanie Bakery company Bäck.Kp.
Bahnhofs-Kommandantur Railway station command Bahnhofs-Kdtr.
Bahnschutzpolizei Railway protection police. Transferred to SS control, 1942.
Bann A subdivision of the Hitler-Jugend Gebiet (region), approximately comparable to a Kreis (district) of the NSDAP.
bataillon Battalion Btl.
Batterie Battery (artillery troop) Batt(r).
Bau-Bataillon Construction battalion Bau-Btl.
Bauinspektion Construction Inspectorate, a branch of Amtsgruppe C of the SS-WVHA.
Beamter An official or functionary.
beauftragt authorized; commissioned; in charge b.
Beauftragter A representative, commissioner, or administrator. Beauftr.
Befehl An order or command.
Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres C.-in-C. Replacement Army B.d.E.
Befehlshaber der Ordnungspolizei Commander of the Orpo in a Wehrkreis or similar territory. BdO
Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolzei und des Sicherheitsdienstes Commander of the Sipo and SD in a Wehrkreis or similar territory. BdS
Behörde An authority or administrative body.
bei(m) on; near b.
Bereitschaftsdienst Emergency service branch (of the TeNo) BD
Bereitschaftspolizei Mobile barracks police units of the Landespolizei, administered by the various Länder before the police were centralized in 1935/1936.
Bevollmächtigter Plenipotentiary Bev.
Bewachungsmannschaft Guard detachment of the SS in a concentration camp.
Bezirk A district; sub-region; administrative unit. Bez.
Bezirksverwaltungsgericht District Administrative Court BVG
Blockführer 1. An SS NCO in charge of a block or company of prisoners in a concentration camp, responsible to the Rapportführer.
Blockleiter Lowest official of the NSDAP, responsible for the political supervision of 40 to 60 households. Subordinate to a Zellenleiter
Bürgermeister Mayor of a mid-size town or smaller community.
Chef der deutschen Polizei Commander-in-Chief of the German Police (Heinrich Himmler) Ch.d.Dt.P.; ChdDtP; ChdDtPol.
Chef der Heeresrüstung und Behfehlshaber des Ersatzheeres Chief of Army Equipment and Commander of the Replacement Army Ch.H.Rü.u.B.d.E.
Chef der Ordnungspolizei Chief of the Order Police (Daluege, then Wünnenberg) CdO
Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD Chief of the Security Police and SD (Heydrich, then Kaltenbrunner) CSSD
Chef der Zivilverwaltung Head of the Civilian Administration in an occupied territory. CdZ
der Reserve of the Reserve d.R.
Deutsch German Dt.
Deutsche Arbeitsfront The German Labor Front, largest of the NSDAP's affiliated organizations comprising all the corporations, guilds, and professional associations. Led by Reichsleiter Dr. Robert Ley. DAF
Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke German Equipment Works, SS enterprise founded in 1939.
Deutsche Erd- und Steinwerke GmbH German Clay and BrickworksLtd. SS enterprise established in 1938, primarily to construct brickworks and exploit quarries by the use of prisoner labor.
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz German Red Cross. President: NSKK-Obergruppenführer Herzog von Sachs-Coburg; Vice-President: SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS Prof. Dr. med. Ernst-Robert Grawitz. DRK
Deutsche Umsiedlungs-Treuhand GmbH German Resettlement Trust Ltd., affiliated with the RKFDV. DUT
Deutsche Wirtschaftsbetriebe GmbH German Economic Enterprises Ltd., an enterprise controlled by the SS-WVHA. DWB
Dienstgrad Rank or grade
Dienststelle Headquarters, administrative office, station, or depot.
Durchgangslager POW transit camp Dulag
Ehrenführer Honorary SS leader. Distinction accorded by Himmler to leading NSDAP and State figures nominally attached to his staff.
Eingetragener Verein. A registered society (e.g., Lebensborn e.V. e.V.
Einheit Unit
Einsatz Action, operation, employment
Einsatzgruppe Operational group or task force of the Sipo and SD for special missions (particularly liquidiations of Jews, communist officials, etc.) in occupied territory. EGru.
Einsatzkommando Detachment of the Sipo and SD; subordinate element of an Einsatzgruppe Ekdo.
Einwandererzentrallstelle Central Immigration Office administered by the RSHA and part of the RKFDV. EWZ
Eisenbahn-Artillerie Railway artillery Eisb.Art.
Eisenbahn-Baubataillon Railway construction battalion Eisb.Baubtl.
Eisenbahn-Baukompanie Railway construction company Eisb.Baukomp.
Eisenbahn-Betriebs-Kompanie Railway operating company Eisb.Betr.Kp.
Eisenbahn-Fernsprech-Kompanie Railway telephone company Eisb.Fsp.Kp.
Eisenbahn-Küchenwagen-Abteilung Railway kitchen car unit Eisb.Küchenwg.Abt.
Eisenbahn-Nachrichten-Abteilung Railway signals unit Eisb.Nachr.Abt.
Eisenbahn-Pionier-Bau-Kompanie Railway engineer construction company Eisb.Pi.Baubtl.
Eisenbahn-Pionier-Park Railway engineer equipment park Eisb.Pi.Pk.
Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment Railway engineer regiment Eisb.Pi.Rgt.
Eisenbahn-Pionier-Stab zur besonderen Verwendung Special railway engineer staff Eisb.Pi.St.z.b.V.
Eisenbahn-Pionier-Zug Armored train Eisb.Pz.Zug
Entgiftungs-Abteilung Decontamination battalion Entg.Abt.
Entlade-Stab Unloading staff Entl.St.
Ergänzungs- Reserve; supplementary Erg.
Erlass Edict, decree, or order
Ernährung Food; nutrition Ern.
Ersatz Training; depot; reinforcement Ers.
Ersatz-Teillager Spare parts depot Ers.Teillag.
europäisch European europ.
Fachreferat A specialist subsection or 'desk' in an office or headquarters.
Feldbahn-Kompanie Field railway company Feldbahnkp.
Feldeisenbahn-Betriebs-Abteilung Field railway operating unit Feldeisb.Betr.Abt.
Feldeisenbahn-Direktion (see Feldeisenbahn-Kommando) Feldeisb.Dir.
Feldeisenbahn-Maschinen-Abteilung Field railway machine unit Feldeisb.Masch.Abt.
Feldeisenbahn-Nachschub-Lager Field railway supply depot Feldeisb.Nachsch.Lag.
Feldeisenbahn-Kommando Field railway command Feldeisb.Kdo.
Feldeisenbahn-Werkstatt-Abteilung Field railway workshop unit Feldeisb.Werkst.Abt.
Feldgendarmerie-Abteilung Military police battalion F.G.A.
Feldgendarmerie-Trupp Military police detachment Feldgend.Tr.
Feldjägerkorps A shock formation of the SA, dissolved 1935 and incorporated into the Police. FJK
Feldkommandantur Administrative H.A. in occupied countries (of regimental status) F.K.
Feldlazarett Field hospital Feldlaz.
Feldnachrichten-Kommandantur Field signals command Feldnachr.Kdtr.
Feldschalt-Abteilung Special signals relay unit Feldschalt-Abt. z.b.V.
Feld-Sonder-Bataillon Special penal battalion Feld-Sd.Btl.
Feld-Wasser-Strassen-Räum Abteilung Waterways clearing battalion Feld-Wasser-Str.R.Abt.
Feldwerkstatt Field workshop (ordnance) Feldwerkst.
Fernkabel-Bau-Abteilung Trunk-line telegraph construction unit Fernkab.Bau-Abt.
Fernschreibkompanie Teleprint company Fernschreibkp.
Feste-Nachrichten-Stelle Static signals station Feste-Nachr.Stelle
Festungs-Baubataillon Fortress construction battalion Fstgs.Baubtl.
Festungs-Bataillon Fortress battalion Fstgs.Btl.
Festungs-Nachrichten-Kommandantur Fortress signals command Fstgs.Nachr.Kdtr.
Festungs-Pionier-Abschnitt-Gruppe Fortress engineer sector group Fstgs.Pi.Abschn.Gr.
Festungs-Pionier-Kommandeur Fortress engineer commander Fstgs.Pi.Kdr.
FestungsPionier Park Fortress engineer park Fstngs.Pi.Pk.
Festungs-Pionier-Stab Fortress engineer staff Fstgs.Pi.St.
Festungs-Regiment Fortress regiment Fstgs.Rgt.
Feuerschutzpolizei Fire Protection Police; a branch of the Orpo FSchp.
Filmtrupp Film section Filmtr.
Filterkolonne Filterkol.
Fördernde Mitglied der SS Sponsoring member of the SS paying monthly dues for that status; did not hold actual SS rank. In many cases the wives of SS officers held this title. F.M.
Freiherr Baron (aristocratic title; eg: Konstantin Freiherr von Neurath) Frhr.
freiwilligen Volunteer freiw.
Führer Leader; commander; chief. The title "Der Führer" was only used in reference to Adolf Hitler. Fhr.
Führerhauptquartier Hitler's Field Headquarters FHQ
für for
Funk Radio
Gau Main territorial division of the NSDAP. There were 42 Gaue in the Reich and annexed territories, with a further 43rd Gau comprising the Auslandsorganisation (AO; Foreign Organization of the Nazi Party)
Gauleiter Highest ranking NSDAP official in a Gau, with responsibility for all matters of politics and econoomics, labor mobilization, and civil defense. GL
Gebirgs-Armee Mountain Army; a formation of the German Army)
Gebirgs-Division Mountain Division of the Heer or Waffen-SS Geb.Div.
Gebirgs-Korps Mountain Corps (a formation of the Heer or Waffen-SS)
Geheim Secret Geh.
Geheime Feldpolizei Secret Field Police GFP
Geheime Kommandosache Secret Command matters; a very high security classification. Geh.KdoS.
Geheime Reichssache Secret matter of National importance; highest security classification. Geh.RchS.
Geheimes Staatspolizei Secret State Police; Amt IV of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt from 1939. Gestapo
Gemeinde Municipality, community Gem.
Gemeindepolizei Municipal Police Gem.Pol.
genannt Called; named; known as gen.
Gendarmerie Rural police, including motorized traffic control units Gend.
Generalbevollmächtigter Plenipotentiary General
Generalgouvernement The Government General - German-occupied Poland and the administration thereof under Dr. jur. Hans Frank. GG
Generalkommando Headquarters of an Army Corps. Gen.Kdo.
Generalquartiermeister des Heeres Quartermaster-General of the German Army
Generalstab des Heeres The German Army General Staff.
Germanische Leitstelle Germanic Liaison Office of the SS-Hauptamt, responsible for supervision of Germanic SS.
Grenadier adj.: Infantry; n.: infantryman Gren.
Grenzpolizei Frontier Police (a branch of the Gestapo) Grepo; GP
Grenzpolizeiamt Frontier Police Office GPA
Grenzpolizei-Posten Frontier Police Outpost Grepo
Grenzpolizeikommissariat Frontier Police Commissariat Greko
Gross Great; large Gr.
hauptamtlich full time; fully paid; professional (H)
Hauptaussenstelle Large branch office of the SD HAuSt.; HASt.
Hilfspolizei Auxiliary Police Hipo
Hitler-Jugend Hitler Youth organization HJ
Höhere SS- und Polizeiführer Higher and Police Leader HSSPF
in; im in; in the i.
Infanterie-Division Infantry division Inf.Div.; I.D.
Infanterie-Regiment Infantry regiment Inf.Rgt.; I.R.
Inspekteur Engineer Ing.
Inspektor; Inspekteur Inspector Insp.; I.
Inspekteur der Ordnungspolizei Original title for the BDO [see Befehlshaber der Ordnungspolizei] IdO
Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei und des Sicherheitsdienstes Inspector of the Security Police and Security Service IdS; Insp.d.Sipo u.d.SD
Internationale Kriminalpolizeiliche Kommission International Criminal Police Commission IKPK
Kaserne Barracks Kas.
Kavallerie Cavalry Kav.
Kavallerie-Division Cavalry division Kav.Div.; K.D.
Kavallerie-Regiment Cavalry regiment Kav.Rgt.; K.R.
Kommandant commandant Kdt.
Kommandantur Administrative HQ; Garrison HQ Kdtr.
Kommandeur commander Kdr.
Kommandeur der Bautruppen Kdr. der Bau-Tr. Comander, construction troops
Kommandeur der Kraftfahrparktruppen Commander, motor transport park troops Kdr. der Kf.Pk.Tr.
Kommandeur der Nachrichtentruppen Commander, signals troops Kdr. der Nachr.Tr.
Kommandeur der Ordnungspolizei Commander of the uniformed police in a general commissariat; subordinate to the BdO. KdO
Kommandeur der Sicherheitspolizei und des Sicherheitsdienstes KdS
Kommando Command; detachment; detail Kdo.
kommissarisch temporarily put in charge (k)
Kompnaie Company Komp.
Konzentrationslager Concentration Camp KL (official abbr.); KZ (unofficial abbr.)
Kraft durch Freude The Nazi "Strength through Joy" movement KdF
Kreis District (US: County) Kr.
Kriegs- war-; wartime K
Kriminalpolizei Criminal Police; Amt V of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt from 1939. Kripo
Kriminalpolizei-Aussendienststelle Large branch office of the Kripo KPAuDSt.
Kriminalpolizei-Aussenposten Small branch office of the Kripo KPAuP.
Kriminalpolizei-Leitstelle Regional HQ of Kripo KPLSt.
Kriminalpolizeistelle Sub-regional HQ of Kripo KPSt.
Land One of the 15 territorial divisions of Republican Germany, each with its own government. Controlled by the central Reich government through Reichsstatthalter from 1933.
(Kasernierte) Landespolizei State Police; Militarized Barrack Police Forces of the Lander; taken over by Reich after 1935 and placed under Wehrmacht control Lapo
Landwirtschaft Agriculture Landw.
Lebensborn e.V. The "Fountain of Life" society, established by the SS in 1936. Attached to Pers. Stab RfSS and affiliated with the SS-RuSHA. Main functions of the society were adoption of "racially suitable" children for childless SS families, encouragement and facilitation of procreation between "Aryan" men and women, and the promotion of the racial policies of the SS.
Leitabschnitt Regional HQ of the SD, approximately coinciding with a Wehrkreis.
Legationsrat Legation or embassy counsellor in the Foreign Office. Leg.Rat
Leitend(er) governing; leading; executive Lt.
Leitender Regierungsdirektor Title of an executive assistant in a high government office LtRDir.
Leiter Chief Ltr.
Leitstelle Regional HQ of the Gestapo or Kripo, established at the HQ of a Wehrkreis or capital of a Land.
Luftschutzpolizei Air raid protection police established in 1942 from personnel of the SHD and TeNo as an element of the Schutzpolizei. Recruited primarily from reservists of the Polizei. LSP
Marine Küsten Polizei Naval Coastal Police MKP
Mark Region; province; also type Mk.
Militär; militärisch military Mil.; milit.
Minister Minister Min.
Ministerialblatt für die innere Verwaltung or Ministerialblatt des Reichs- und Preuss. Innenministeriums Official gazette of the Reich and Prussian Ministries of the Interior MBliV
Ministerialdirektor A senior civil service official. Department head in a ministry with the approximate equivalent of Lt.-Gen.. MinDir.
Ministerialdirigent Executive official in a Ministry with the approximate equivalent ofMaj.-General. MinDirig.
Ministerialrat Senior ministerial counsellor in civil service; usually head of a section within a ministry; approximately equivalent to a Colonel. MinRat
Ministerpräsident Minister-President; Prime Minister of a Land government (e.g> SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Dietrich Klagges of Braunschweig). Min.Präs.
mit with m.
mit der Führung der Geschäfte beauftragt Temporarily charged with the conduct of affairs m.d.F.d.G.b.
mit der Führung beauftragt Temporarily charged with leadership m.d.F.b.
mit der vertretungsweisen Führung beauftragt Temporarily charged with the conduct of affairs m.d.vertretungsw.F.b.
mit der Wahrnehmung der Geschäfte beauftragt Temporarily charged with the conduct of affairs m.d.W.d.G.b.
Mitglied Member Mitgl.
Mitglied des Reichstages Member of the Reichstag M.d.R.
motorisiert motorized mot.
Nachrichten Signals N; Na.; Nachr.
Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten National Political Educational Instittues. Secondary schools organized along the lines of the Hitler-Jugend and under the jurisdiction of the Dienststelle Heissmeyer (under SS-Obergruppenfuhrer August Heissmeyer) Napola
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei National-Socialist German Workers' Party NSDAP
Nationalsozialistische-Fliegerkorps NS Flying Corps. Led by NSFK-Korpsfuhrer/General der Flieger Christiansen until 1943, then by NSFK-Korpsfuhrer / Generaloberst Alfred Keller until 1945. NSFK
Nationalsozialistische-Kraftfahrkorps NS Motor Corps. Led by NSKK-Korpsfuhrer Adolf Huhnlein until his death in 1942, then by NSKK-Korpsfuhrer Erwin Krauss until 1945. Played an important role in the military and paramilitary training. NSKK
Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt National-Socialist People's Welfare Organization, primarily responsible for the care of mothers and juveniles and headed by SS-Gruppenfuhrer Erich Hilgenfeldt). NSV
Nord north N
Nordost northeast NO
Nordwest northwest NW
Nummer number Nr.
Ober- higher O.
Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres OB d.H
Oberbürgermeister Lord Mayor of a large town or city.
Oberkommando des Heeres High Command of the Army OKH
Oberkommando der Marine German Navy High Command OKM
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht High Command of the Armed Forces (Hitler was supreme commander, while GFM Wilhelm Keitel headed OKW) OKW
Oberpräsident Senior administrative official in a Prussian province.
Oberpräsident Chief Administrator and government executive of a Prussian Province OPräs.; OPrs.
Oberregierungsrat Senior government counsellor of the civil service; approximately equivalent to a Lt.-Col. ORR
Oberschlesien Prussian Province of Upper Silesia O.S.; OS.
Oberste SA Führer Supreme SA Leader (Hitler from 1930)
Oberstes Parteigericht Supreme NSDAP Court (under Reichsleiter Walter Buch)
Offizier officer Off.; Offz.
Ordnungspolizei "Order police". Regular unformed police force of the Reich, consisting of the Schutzpolizei, Gendarmerie, and Feuerschutzpolzie as well as various technical and auxiliary services (such as the Technische Nothilfe [TeNo] Orpo
Organisation Todt Semi-military government construction force, established 1933 under Dr.-Inf. Fritz Todt, responsible for bulding strategic highways and military installations/fortifications. Controlled by Todt's successor, Albert Speer, after Todt's death in February 1942. Org. Todt; OT
Ortsgruppenleiter NSDAP official in charge of one or more parts of a town; subordinate to a Kreisleiter.
Ortsgruppenleiter NSDAP official responsible for one or several communes of a part of a town; subordinate to a Kreisleiter.
Osten east O
Ostindustrie GmbH Eastern Industries Ltd.; SS concern formed with primary purpose of exploiting Jewish labor in Poland. Osti
Ostpreußen Prussian Province of East Prussia Ostpr.
Panzer Armor; tank Pz.
Parteikanzlei Hitler's chancellery as leader of the NSDAP. Headed by Reichsleiter and SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Martin Borman.
Personalhauptamt Main personnel office of the SS, responsible for records of all SS officers. SS-PHA
Politische Bereitschaft Political alarm squad. Forerunner units of the SS-Verfügungstruppe.
Polizeipräsident Police President. Head of the regular police in a large city. Pol.Präs.
Polizeiverwaltung Police administration PV
Polizeiverwaltungsgesetz Police Administration Law PVG
Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt SS Race & Settlement Main Office, responsible for racial purity of the SS and settlement of SS colonists in occupied eastern territories. RuSHA
Referat A sub-section or "desk" within a Gruppe.
Referent Official in charge of a Referat.
Regierungsbezirk Sub-division of a Prussian province. Also, an administrative district of Bavaria. Reg.Bez.
Regierungsdirektor Rank of administrative official in a regional government, approximately equal with that of Colonel. Reg.Präs.
Regierungspräsident Senior government official in a Regierungsbezirk. Reg.Präs.
Regierungsrat Government counsellor. Lowest rank in the higher civil service; approximately equivalent to the rank of Major. RegRat.; RR.
Reichsarbeitsdienst Reich Labor Service, headed by the Reichsarbeitsfuhrer, Reichsminister Konstantin Hierl (1875 - 1955) RAD
Reichsarbeitsministerium Reich Labor Ministry. RAM
Reichsbevollmächtigter Reich Plenipotentiary controlling the civil affairs of an occupied country (e.g.- SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. jur. Karl Werner Best in Denmark).
Reichsfinanzministerium Reich Finance Ministry. RFM
Reichsführer-SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei "Reich SS Leader and Chief of the German Police"; Heinrich Himmler's title from Jun. 1936. RF SS u. Chef d. Dtsch.Pol.
Reichsführung-SS Supreme command of the SS, comprising the Persönlicher Stab RfSS and the Hauptämter
Reichsgau One of eleven regions formed from territories annexed from Poland and Austria in 1938 and 1939
Reichsgesetzblatt Official legal gazette issued in two parts by the Reichsministerium des Inner. Part I concerned current legislation; Part 2 dealt with international treaties, etc. RGB
Reichskommissar für die Festigung Deutschen Volkstums Reich Commissioner for the Strengthening of Germanism Title given to Heinrich Himmler in 1939 entrusting him with the repatriation of Volksdeutsche ("racial Germans") and the settlement of German colonies in the East. A Stabshautamt RKFDV was established under SS-Ogruf. Ulrich Greifelt to put Himmler's plans for Germanic mastery into effect. RDFDV
Reichskommissariat für die Ostland German civil administration in the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) and White Russia (Byelorussia), 1941 - 1945. Reichskommissar Ostland, with HQ in Riga, was Gauleiter Hinrich Lohse.
Reichskriminalpolizeiamt The headquarters of the Kriminalpolizei (Amt V of the RSHA), headed by SS-Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Polizei Arthur Nebe. RKPA
Reichsleiter The highest rank in the NSDAP hierarchy. RL
Reichsluftschutzbund The Reich Air Raid Protection League. RLB
Reichsministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories. Reichsminister (1941 - 45): Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg; Staatssekretär (1941 - 45): Gauleiter Dr. Alfred Meyer. Ostministerium
Reichsministerium des Innern Reich Ministry of the Interior
Reichsminister: Dr.jur. Wilhelm Frick (1933 - 1943)
Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler (1943 - 1945)
Reichssicherheitshauptamt Reich Security Main Office RSHA
Reichsstrafgesetzbuch Reich Penal Code RStGB
Reichstag The German Parliament. Largely a figurehead body after its legislative powers were taken away and granted to the Reich Government by way of Hitler's "Enabling Act" of 24. March 1933.
Reichsstatthalter Reich Governor; Hitler's representative in a German Land or Reichsgau. Rsth.
Reichswehr The armed forces of Germany from 1919 until the enactment of the Wehrgesetz (Defense Law) of 21. May 1935; on that date, its title was changed to Wehrmacht. RW
Sachbearbeiter Officer or official responsible for a specific matter.
Sanitätsdienst Medical service
Schutzmannschaften< Auxiliary police units composed of foreign elements and Volksdeutsche; the first Schuma unit was set up in the Ukraine in Aug. 1941. Schuma
Schutzpolizei Protection Police. The regular uniformed municipal and country police forces, comprising most of the membership of the Ordnungspolizei. Schupo; Schp.
Schutzstaffel lit. Protection or Guard Detachment. Established in 1925 from the Stoßtrupp Adolf Hitler, the SS became, under Heinrich Himmler, the most powerful organization in the Third Reich. SS
Selbstschutz 1) A German nationalist self-prtotection organization formed in Silesia in 1920; 2) A self protection militia recruited from the Volksdeutsche in Poland by the SS; 3) Self-Protection Service, an element of the Luftschutzdienst composed of air raid wardens and other nonmilitary air raid protection personnel
Sicherheitsdienst des RfSS The SS Security Service established by Reinhard Heydrich in 1931 as the intelligence organization of the Nazi Party. SD
Sicherheitspolizei Security Police, composed of the Gestapo and Kripo. Sipo
Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienst Security and Assistance Service, an auxiliary police unit responsible for air raid-related tasks. Superseded by the Luftschutzpolizei, 1942. SHD
Sicherheitsverwahrung Protective detention
Sigrunen The runic double "S" insignia of the Schutzstaffel.
Sonderbehandlung lit. special treatment. Nazi euphemism for killing those in detention.
Sonderkommando Skdo.
SS und Polizeiführer SS and Police Commander in the eastern occupied territories, subordinate to the HSSPF. SS-u.Pol.F.; SSPF
Staatssekretär State Secretary in a Reich or Land Government Ministry. Sta.Sek.
Stab staff St.
Stabschef Chief of Staff of the SA.
Stabsführer Chief of Staff [e.g., to the Führer of an SS-Oberabschnitt].
Stadthauptmann Senior administrative official in a Stadthauptmannschaft, a subdivision of a district in the Generalgouvernment (occupied Poland).
Standortführer Garrison commander
Stellvertreter Deputy Stellv.
Sturmabteilungen The Stormtroops; the original defense formations of the NSDAP, founded in 1921. Purged in Jun./Jul. 1934 when it became too radical and unwieldly for Hitler's tastes, prompting him to wipe out most of its leadership, including SA-Stabschef Ernst Röhm. The purge of the SA was carried out by Himmler's SS, initially a subunit of the SA, and in its wake the SS gained considerable power. SA
Technische Nothilfe Technical Emergency Corps, established in 1919. Auxiliary force of the Ordnungspolizei consisting of engineers, technicians, and specialists involved with construction work, communications, salvage, public utilities, etc. Led by SS-Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Polizei Hans Weinreich from Jun. 1937 to Jun. 1943, then by SS-Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Polizei Dipl.Ing. Willy Schmelcher from 15. Oct. 1943 to May 1945 TeNo; TN
Teilkommando A sub-unit; Smallest element of an Einsatzgruppe of the Sipo and SD.
Totenkopfverbände Death's Head units, employed in the concentration camps as guards. Formed the nucleus of the SS-Totenkopf-Division when it was formed in October 1939.
Trupp Squad or detail. An SA (and in its early years, SS) unit equivalent to a platoon. Tr.
Truppenübungsplatz Troop training area.
Untersuchung Investigation; interrogation
Umwandererzentralstelle Central Transfer Office concerned with resettlement of Polish deportees from the Wartheland. An element of the RKFDV.
Unterführer Non-commissioned officer.
Verband A formation or unit. Verb.
Verbindungsoffizier Liaison officer
Vernichtungslager Extermination camp.
Verordnung Decree; regulation; order
Vertrauensmann Intelligence agent or informer.
Verwaltung Administration Verw.
Verwaltungspolizei Administrative branch of the Ordnungspolizei and Sicherheitspolizei
Volksbund fur das Deutschtum im Ausland The League for Germans Abroad. Pre-Nazi organization concerned with activities of the Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans). Taken over by the NSDAP, 1930 and eventually absorbed by the Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle under SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Werner Lorenz. VDA
Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle Ethnic German Assistance Office. Established as the Buro von Kursell, 1936 and renamed in 1937. Led by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Werner Lorenz, it obtained the status of a Hauptamt of the SS in 1941. VoMi
Volksgruppe An ethnic group
Volkskartei National Register kept by the Verwaltungspolizei. Introduced in 1939 to facilitate conscription of men and women for the Wehrmacht, Reichsarbeitsdienst, etc.
Volkstum nationality
Vorbeugungshaft Preventive arrest
Vorschrift Regulation(s), instruction(s), or a manual
Waffen-SS Fully militarized combat formations of the SS W-SS
Wehrdienstpflicht Obligation to serve in the Wehrmacht
Wehrkreis A Military District. Wkr.
Wehrmacht The armed forces, consisting of the German Army (Heer), Navy (Kriegsmarine), and Air Force (Luftwaffe) WH; Wehrm.
Wehrmachtbefelshaber Senior Armed Forces commander in an occupied territory.
Wehrmachtfuhrungsstab Armed Forces Operations Staff, headed by Generaloberst Alfred Jodl.
Wehrwirtschaft Military or war economy
Wehrwirtschaftsamt War Economics Directorate of OKW.
Weisung directive
zur besonderer Verwendung for special employment z.b.V.
Zellenleiter Cell leader. An NSDAP official responsible for four to five blocks of households; subordinate to an Ortsgruppenleiter.
Zollgrenzdienst Border Customs Service
Zollgrenzschutz Border Customs Protection Service. Controlled by the Sicherheitspolizei, with personnel from the Customs Service.

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